About the campaign

Let’s make this the last summer of unfair tourist chocolate sold in UK attractions.

The problem

UK Tourist attractions usually have a shop selling a souvenir chocolate bar with a picture or the name of the attraction on the wrapper. Back in 2014 not a single tourist souvenir bar on sale was made from certified Fairtrade chocolate. 

In 2014 we made it possible for all tourist attractions to have high quality Fairtrade tourist souvenir bar produced. Attractions were invited to make the switch. Two years on only a handful of attractions have a fair tourist bar even though it costs the same as non-Fairtrade versions.

Venues including royal palaces, castles, museums, parks and zoos are not using the Fairtrade options available.

The solution - Fair Tourism Bar Campaign

It’s time that the UK's top tourist attractions switched their souvenir chocolate to a certified Fairtrade blend. The Fair Tourism Bar Campaign will achieve this change - aiming to make this the last summer of unfair tourist chocolate sold in UK attractions.  It can be done. Customers did something similar in the 1980s by putting pressure on supermarkets and convincing them to stock Fairtrade products or switch their own brands to Fairtrade. 

Join the campaign

You can help change the whole tourist industry by supporting the campaign. 

  1. Please sign our petition. We will send the petition to those who manage the UK’s top attractions.
  2. Please nominate an attraction using the form below
  3. Write, message or Facebook your favourite attraction asking them to make the switch to fair tourist bars.Click here to see if they have already switched


Who has a Fairtrade Tourist bar?

Click here to see which of the Uk's top attractions have a Fairtrade Tourism Bar.

'Fair Trade' is not Fairtrade

Click here to read more about the issues of ethical chocolate.

Campaign Resources

Click here for a list of resources


Sign up to the campaign and nominate an attraction

To join the campaign please complete the form below and nominate a venue which you want to see switch to using Fairtrade certified souvenir bars. We will keep you informed about developments. You can also follow us on Facebook and twitter @MeaningfulChoc


Why Fairtrade is best ?
There are many claims made by companies that their chocolate is ethical. But unless it is Fairtrade you cannot be sure the farmers are getting a fair price.

List of attractions
List of attractions

Campaign Resources
Campaign Resources